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We all have a story to tell—triumphs, struggles, moments we hope we’ll never forget, and moments we can’t forget soon enough. The Unfamous Podcast is brought to you by two millennials with backgrounds in journalism and a desire to inform. Growing up in a world where it can be hard to turn on the news, it’s more important now than ever to keep learning and what better way to do that than from the people around us. 

The Unfamous Podcast is shining a light on the ordinary. The people we interview may not be people you’ve heard of before, but we believe everyone’s journey has universal messages we can all learn from.  These people are not in the spotlight, but you never know how similar a stranger’s journey is to your own.

About the Hosts


David Owens

When I was four or five, I was given a camera as a present. It was red and yellow, designed for kids, with two viewfinders—one for each eye, like binoculars. I still have many of the photos I took. And so many of them are portraits of people. I guess even then I was curious about others, about telling their stories. My love for media took me through Ithaca College before I started my career as a news producer. Now a bit far from my Upstate New York home, I’m working in Washington, D.C. and enjoying the faster pace of a new city.

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Mariana Zimmerman

I get bored easily and love learning new things. That's probably why I have a collection of random musical instruments and once donned a lab coat to work in a water testing lab. After college I ended up working in TV news. I started in Syracuse, NY and three years later, I've somehow landed in Washington, D.C. where there's plenty of news to keep me busy. But like I said, I get bored easily. So now I’m doing this podcast thing, listening to the life stories of strangers because how can you possibly get bored doing that?

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